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Directional Drilling with Multiple Applications in Southern Alberta

Horizontal Directional Drilling Services

We take pride in our specialized horizontal directional drilling services which have been crafted through years of experience in drilling. No matter what the size, distance or depth of the pipeline to be installed, our crew is equipped to carry out the process efficiently from start to finish. For over 30 years now, we have been drilling for the installation of underground utilities in different parts of Southern Alberta. Our experience here has given us integral insights into the particular characteristics and challenges of excavation and drilling work in these areas.

At the Forefront of Innovation

Crossroads Coring Ltd was the first company in Calgary to adapt to electronic locating systems, which are currently up to date with the newest DCI Falcon F5 Locating System, to provide a Datalog Drill Report to our customers. Each of our drillers has 10 to 30 years of experience drilling in Alberta’s ground conditions. We have a fleet of multiple sizes of directional drills, giving us the ability to adapt to the unique needs of each project we encounter.

Our drills include:

Vermeer D100x140

Capable of drilling long distances and large holes with a push/pull force of 100,000 pounds


With 60,000 pounds of push/pull force, it has the best power to footprint ratio.

Vermeer D40x55

For fitting into tighter spaces, with a push/pull force of 40,000 pounds. With extensive power, it is capable of drilling larger holes. We have both a 10 ft drill stem machine and a 15ft drill stem machine to suit a variety of applications.

Vermeer D9x13

A small machine with 9000 pounds of push/pull force to fit into the tightest spaces.

drilling machine

Extensively Trained Drillers

Each one of our drillers is trained on smaller drills, before progressing to larger drills based on experience and deemed competence by management supervision. Each driller has a designated drill allowing them to gain experience with the specific capabilities of the machine. This enables Crossroads Coring Ltd to provide the best-suited drill and crew based on specific job requirements such as soil conditions, pipe type or length. The required experience level of our driller and/or locator can be addressed based on job-specific conditions. We document the actual depth and position of the pipe installed. Onsite inspections are visual at entry and exit points. We are not associated with the oil and gas industry, as they make use of downhole drilling while we provide directional drilling.

Big or Small, We Can Handle All

No matter what the scale of work, we are equipped to deal with it.

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