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Easy and Efficient Trenchless Technology in Calgary, Alberta

Deep Utilities – Pipeline

With Crossroads Coring Ltd, you can get deep utilities installed deftly without unnecessary surface interruption. The trenchless technology used in horizontal directional drilling ensures that there is minimum impact on surroundings during the process of installation. For the installation of deep utilities such as water and sanitation lines, we use a 100x140 drill, which is capable of drilling a 6 to 32-inch wide hole. It can be employed for the installation of multiple combinations of pipes that go up to a distance of 600 meters in length, with a depth capacity up to 90 feet. Capable of mud motor tooling, it is best suited for water and sanitation needs, highway crossings and small to medium pipelines.

workers working at a drilling site

Assured Quality

At our organization, we make it a priority to ensure that the work we do keeps up with the highest quality standards. We provide a written statement of quality assurance prior to having the contractor site foreman sign the job ticket providing the acceptance of work. Any issues regarding the same can be taken up with our drillers on site. Call us today to find out more.

Need Trenchless Solutions?

Whether it’s a water line under a highway or a sanitation main, trust our drillers to handle it!

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