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The Experts in Directional Drilling in Calgary, AB

Our Story

Crossroads Coring Ltd was established 30 years ago in a garage in Calgary, by Theo Michelbrink. He designed and built a hydraulic push machine, which was used for the installation of underground utilities for driveways and small road crossings. This machine was capable of pushing/pulling a 6”- 8” hole for a maximum of 75 feet. Even before surface launch directional drilling machines were in use, Theo had designed an innovative pit launch drill, which used fluid injection and different drill bits, making it easier to drill larger holes on rocky soil conditions. Theo Michelbrink retired in late 2019 and passed on control to Adrian Michelbrink.

Crossroads Coring Ltd has been able to continually improve our drilling capabilities by keeping up with new technology. We were the first drilling company in Calgary to purchase surface launch directional drilling machines and utilize an electronic locating and tracking system. Currently, we have a wide range of drills with higher depth capabilities to suit a diverse number of needs. Call us today to learn more about our drills and book an immediate service.

Drilling Experts With Decades of Experience

Our drilling specialists are always happy to talk to you and inform you about the best-suited solutions for your particular needs!

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